Knowing Love by Its Absence - Wynne Alexander

a Review by Amy - Producer of Collected Sounds

"Wynne Alexander's style is very interesting. She's been called cabaret and I can see that surely, but there's something else here to that I can't put my finger on.

She uses strong heart pounding drumbeats and her deep sensuous voice, at times sounding like a carnival and at times an epic film score. Her lyrics are also very clever and well thought out.

"Controllez-Vous" is one of those songs that I found running through my head hours after I heard it.

"The Night We Danced" is a slow stylish tango with sultry vocals.

On "I Was Right - They Was Wrong" her piano-playing prowess really shows, a lovely ragtime type of song.

"Hot 'Cause You're Not" is a hilarious tribute to those who think they're hotties (which makes then "not"-ies in my book).

"I'm glad you think you're spicy
I'm glad you think you're icy
I'm glad you think you're cold
Cause you're not."
This is a great recording for those who are looking for something unique and stylish and at times humorous."

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