Review by: The Female Musician

Music Critic - Emily Rowley, Rowlett, Texas

"Okay, close your eyes and imagine this--David Byrne meets Prudence Johnson all rolled up in Rocky Horror. This is my impression from Wynne Alexander's Love By It's Absence. I visited her website and apparently I'm not too far off; her reviewers termed her sound as "cabaret".

Now keep in mind I really liked this cabaret cd. I was under the impression she was being tongue in cheek in most of the songs. However, her website makes her sound incredibly uptight and serious. I'm going with the fun angle--any one who sounds like Greta Garbo "if she could sing" can't really "vant to be alone".

Ms. Alexander doesn't play out too often and mostly for private parties-- book her. If you can't do that, get her cd and take it seriously or go for the cabaret Rocky Horror angle as I have. Either way it's a fun listen and eased my drive from Holiday shopping and the mall. Although her website likens her to Gershwin, I would go with Cole Porter. Liar and Hot, 'Cause You're Not are the two most clever songs with lyrics like "I caught you with your fingers in her jam" just too funny! Now I will say she is serious about her music and plays a great piano, and one has to appreciate that the cd is mostly "acoustic" and not over clouded with techno garbage.

She is a strong woman with a strong voice and great messages in her songs. She has written and produced all 10 songs on this cd. They all bear her distinct style. I never felt like I was hearing same song second verse, they each stand alone. You can contact her website to get the cd.”