Luna Kafé Record Review
flag Dateline: Sweden - Full Moon 124 - 11/05/06
Wynne Alexander
Take Back the Night
Probonofone Studios

Wynne Alexander's debut was a special record and I'm glad she's finally recorded a new one. Her cabaret sensibilities and sharp wit are intact as is her glorious voice.

The opener "Didn't You Say You Love Me" sees her let loose on her keys and use her alto voice to great effect as she dissects relationships. "Using Me" is a spiteful number with a big dramatic instrumentation to support it. "There's a Problem in the Land"takes a look at society and doesn't have kind things to say. Despite this its hooky and catchy and Alexander even scat sings a little.

The cabaret spirit rears its head for "What the World Calls Real", Alexander plays the disillusioned diva to perfection. The song's mood has me seeing her perform it live in a German beer hall in the twenties, war just around the corner and divine decadence rampant all over. "Should You Find Yourself" is the perfect after hours ballad, of love dying set to a stately melody.

This is a fabulous record and it's good to have her back.

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