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Civil Rights Leader
Coretta Scott King
spoke with Wynne about how love can vanquish turmoil.

American Legend and Yale's own Dr. Riley B. King, better known as Blues Boy
B.B. King
"Listens to Wynne Alexander"

Political And Anti-War Activist, Defender of the Faith and Truly Heavy Weight Champion of the World
Muhammad Ali

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"Get It From The Drums"
Headlines in Philadelphia Daily News and Presidential Politics

Multi-Media Book/CD Package Puts Presidential Race in Context for Philly Kids

CNN-HeadlineNews Channel
via Comcast Newsmakers

KYW News Radio 'Gets it' from the Drums
in top-rated morning Drive-time

KYW News Radio-Kim Glovas reporting No.1

KYW News Radio-Kim Glovas reporting No.2

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Featured Interview - PBS nationally syndicated show 'Inspiration'

Inspiration Trailer
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From the Nation's Capitol

"...a leading voice for social justice."
--United States Senator Robert P. Casey, Jr.

And the Pennsylvania State Capitol Commending "her life's work at the intersection of music, civil rights and journalism."
--Pennsylvania Legislature

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CNN-Headline News via Comcast Newsmakers

Interview on Malcolm X and Philadelphia's Successful Plan to Protect Him

Social Impact of WDASHistory.org
CNN-HeadlineNews Channel
via Comcast Newsmakers

50th Anniversary of the 1963 March On Washington
Media Coverage

The Philadelphia Daily News

WDASHistory.org Uncovers Malcolm X History
Headlines in Philadelphia Daily News

Details WDAS Innovations and Contributions

Thousands Across the Country Remember Butterball
1942 - 2012

WDASHistory.org Headlines at KYW News Radio
Where History Inspires Award Winning Filmmakers
KYW News Radio-Karin Phillips reporting

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Spoken Words

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During presentation ceremonies, Wynne crossed the "white girl" Rubicon when she was named an Honorary Black Marine of New Jersey.

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And on the MuG Clefical Front

A sophisticated, soulful, orchestral cocktail on the Rocks,
where style and substance combine in an uproar of musicality

"With hints of Marlene Dietrich, Bryan Ferry and Al Green in her voice...that never lacks in divine elegance." --Music and Culture Critic A.D. Amorosi

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Woodstock Hero and Rock Icon Richie Havens, while watching and listening to Wynne's entire sound check before she opened for him in Philadelphia said: "She's a one woman show. There's a Broadway aspect to her that is unmistakable."
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One of Collected Sounds
Best CDs of the Year

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The International Voice of World's Arts, Culture, Music & Entertainment
November 2003 Issue
In This Issue:
The French Cabaret from the 17th Century to Present
"Meet Wynne Alexander: The Diva who makes you think!"
Gospel Music in America
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And from Sweden & Europe FuzzLogic.com Luna Kafé Music Reviews

Luna Kafé Record Review

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Producer/Writer Extraordinaire
Grammy Award Winner

Kenny Gamble

Recording Industry Powerhouse
Producer of Michael Jackson, Patti Labelle, Teddy Pendergras, The Ojays, Lou Rawls, The Delphonics, The Intruders, Trustee of the Grammies, One of the Founding Fathers of Message Music, gave Wynne one of her highest compliments by noting the powerful messages in her music.

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Words & Music prompt an unusually unanimous bi-partisan proclamation from The City of Philadelphia

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Review by:
Collected Sounds
Producer, Amy Lotsberg
Review by:
The Female Musician
Music Critic, Emily Rowley
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FuzzLogic.com Luna Kafé Music Reviews


Luna Kafé Record Review - Knowing Love by its Absence

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Joe 'Butterball' Tamburro, legendary disc jockey, soon to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Clear Channel programming executive told his radio audience -- "If Greta Garbo could sing, she'd sound like Wynne."

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City Paper's "Best Of The Year" Edition

Wynne just received the "Coolest Piano Lounger" award from the City Paper, Philadelphia's highly influential journal on the arts and entertainment scene. Their nationally respected music critic, A.D. Amorosi wrote," Wynne Alexander reels in the cabaret (crowd) with her throaty theatrical vocals-a femme Bryan Ferry if ever there was-and self-compositional brand of blues and musical drama."

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And upon a visit to Oz,
in an exclusive audience with the Wizard,
in keeping with the "But they've got one thing you haven't got" leit motif
which so permeates our smug-ling society...

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